Spring Break, Day 2: Conquered

Oh, 2 AM…why do we keep meeting like this? I really need to figure out what it takes to regularly crawl into bed by 11:30.

Tuesday has been an OK day. We had a rough start to the morning, but things looked up as the day went on. The kids needed to be separated by around noon or 1:00, which sent Julie to her room and Everest out to the sunroom.

Eventually, the love of arts and crafts brought everybody together as they gathered in the sunroom to paint.


For dinner, I made mashed potatoes, chicken stew, GF biscuits, and roasted squash. The kids did just barely earn their movie night, so Legolas joined us for dinner and Charlotte’s Web (2006). It was actually a peaceful bedtime routine too, so the day must have been at least satisfactory.

Angel came by, and I got some queso going in the slow cooker. Then Legolas put on The Hunger Games to be followed by Catching Fire. I worked on some freelance stuff during the first movie, but since I hadn’t seen the second, I had to stop and pay attention. It left quite a cliffhanger, as most middle movies in a trilogy do. Very well done though!

Since it was so late when we finished, Angel ended up spending the night. I’m about to turn in myself since the clock has turned past two in the morning.