Spring Break, Day 4: Productivity!

Thursday started out pretty well, I think, because I had a game plan from the beginning. As soon as everyone was up and dressed, we headed out to run an errand and pick up breakfast. After we returned, we finished our breakfast just in time for my coworker friend to arrive.

Rebekah was coming over so we could work on the promo video for GQkidz that Julie recorded with her friend J. It was super fun, and we did actually get the video mostly edited together before she had to leave. As I was finalizing it, Mike and Kate arrived with their kiddos for a long weekend visit.

Thankfully, the kids had heeded my instructions to clean their rooms and the upstairs bathroom while I was working. Win! We still needed to fix up the futon and put out bed with sheets and blankets, but it didn’t take long.

We had a quick dinner of two different kinds of stew, fruit, salad, and some thick cut Italian bread that I buttered and toasted in the oven. Delish! Mike and Kate had brought with them a few pies for desserts, so we enjoyed cherry pie afterward.

We played a few games with with the kids, then Heath took ours up for bed. Julie was allowed to get up after Everest was asleep, so she came and joined us in the sunroom, where the rest of us were relaxing and looking at the stars.

After a couple more games in front of the fireplace, the kids went up to bed. Then Mike, Kate, and I watched Now You See Me, which is a great heist movie with a team of performing magicians.

As usual, we stayed up way too late talking books, movies, and actors. Tomorrow is going to come quickly.