Family Weekend Whirlwind

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were three days full to the teeth. Friday, I went to see the movie Noah with the GotQuestions staff. It was actually quite a good movie with excellent acting, compelling story, and neat CGI. Even though much of it was far from truly biblical, as an entertainment piece, it was fantastic.

I know a lot of people are all up in arms because it doesn’t follow the biblical story of Noah, and it’s true that it doesn’t. Noah is to biblical history as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is to Civil War history.

But the important thing to remember here is that this is entertainment; it is not meant to be a true gospel message. It never claims to be that. And who can say that this movie will do no good for bringing glory to God? To say that it couldn’t is to say that man has more influence and power than God. Yet nothing is beyond God’s power.

Okay, off my soapbox on that one…

When I got back from the movie, an extraordinary thing happened: everyone went on a walk, and it was left all alone in the house! Stranger still, I actually got to eat my lunch and read at the same time. Weird!

Mike and Kate had planned on making us dinner that night, so I sat back and relaxed until dinner time. It was very nice to have a night off from cooking and to still get a delicious, home cooked meal. After kids were put to bed, Kate and I went out to Panera to just get out of the house for a bit.

When we got back, Mike, Kate, and I chatted for awhile, but then decided to turn in early and plan on playing games the next day. It was nice that they were visiting for an extra day so that we didn’t feel so rushed.

Saturday, we had breakfast burritos in the morning since we had lots of fixings leftover from the the lentil tacos Mike and Kate had made on Friday. We then headed over to my parents new condo to hang out.

Soon, we started making runs to their storage unit to help them get it cleared out since they are now officially moved in. We pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon making runs to the storage unit and back. It was hard work but very satisfying because we were really helping out our parents. I think they really appreciated it too because they were pretty sure it was going to be another two weeks before they could get it fully emptied.

By time we stopped for dinner, there was really only one load left, which we all agreed could easily be done Sunday after church. My parents took us out to dinner, though it was super super late for my kids. We didn’t even get to the restaurant until 7:30, and that’s the time Everest would normally be drifting off to dreamland. Julie did OK because she usually stays up reading until at least 9:00-9:30. But by time we got home after 9:00, Everest went straight upstairs and actually put himself to bed immediately.

Once all the kids were down to, the four of us managed to play a few games before succumbing to the need for sleep. Of note is that I believe I am finally sold on Settlers of Catan. :) Munchkin was incredibly fun too.

Sunday has been another full day, but in a different way. We got to church early since Heath was serving in Everest’s class, so that gave Julie and I about 15 minutes to sit and chat before service started. It was kind of nice to just get to hang out for that time.

After church, they dropped me off at home while Heath took the kids to my parents condo to meet up with them and Mike and Kate. They would all do the last storage run while I got lunch prepped–French bread pizzas, cheesy garlic bread, fruit salad, tossed salad, and broiled asparagus. I think I may have ODed on gluten. 😛

They didn’t get back til quite late in the afternoon, so lunch became a kind of early dinner. All the kids went to play together while the adults played a game of Munchkin and Settlers of Catan. Legolas was able to join us just as we got started, so that we really fun.

After Mike and Kate took off for home, Legolas went with me to Walmart to pick up a few things for the house and also my upcoming trip. We got a late dinner to go and brought it back home. I realized by time we reached the house that I was far too tired to get anything done tonight, so I allowed myself the luxury of relaxing after a very, very busy but very, very wonderful weekend.