Recovery 101

Monday has been a good recovery day after the week of busyness and spring break. I spent most of the work day tweaking and exporting and testing and re-exporting the GQkidz video. I think we are just about there!

The kids were OK after school. Julie was thrilled to be back with her friends. Everest had a little harder time; I think school really tires him out. We need to make sure that he’s getting enough sleep at night–even if that means putting him to bed at 6:30.

After homework, we went to the library to look around because it has been a long time since we’ve been there, and Julie wanted to look for some specific books in a series she started. Everything went really well there, so I decided to treat the kids to Subway for dinner.

Back at home, we watched a movie we found at the library, Monsters University. It was really cute, and a fun partner movie to Monsters Inc. Unfortunately, with all the stopping and starting we had to do for various reasons, the movie didn’t finish until about 8:00.

Bedtime went really well though, so that helped make the evening easier. I took care of the dishes, juiced a bunch of citrus fruits we had leftover from the weekend (since they’ll be getting replaced tomorrow anyway), relaxed a bit with a ridiculous show, and finally caught up on emails and some freelance work. After a hot shower and a blog post, I’d say that I’m going to bed feeling pretty balanced, all in all.