There went the week…

Not sure what happened last week other than an attempt to avoid sleep deprivation. I found myself at the end of some late nights and decided that sleep was far more important than blogging. Of course, now I remember barely anything from the week!

Tuesday, is a total blur. No idea what happened that day, and I took no pictures, so I’m lost. That might have been the day we went to the library.

Wednesday, we ended up skipping AWANA because everyone was very tired and still sort of hungover (sleep wise) from spring break.

Thursday, I was able to move my doctor’s appointment to the afternoon, so I got that out of the way. Nothing’s wrong; I just had to get a physical for a medical release for my international travel this week.

Friday, Julie, Legolas and I watched the Hobbit since Julie did her part in reading the whole book. We did have her cover her eyes for some of the fight scenes and scary bits, but she enjoyed the movie overall, I think. I was thrilled to get to share it with her. :)

Saturday, the kids and I were on our own because Heath was gone camping for the weekend. We did cleaning in the morning (yes, everybody; I bribed them with quarters). Then the kids watched a movie while I had a meeting in the afternoon.

Afterward, we went out to run some errands, then came home for dinner and a movie. It was actually a pretty nice day. I ended up going to bed shortly after the kids had their lights out. I took a shower, read for an hour, then turned out the lights myself.

Sunday has been a really good day too. We made it to church on time, got Kangaroo Coffee, stopped for lunch, then went to Walmart, where I picked up some things for my trip, a few summer toys for the kids, and a new vacuum (MY new toy!).

When we got home, the kids played with their new stuff while I put the vacuum together. We started getting some graupel, and the kids went to play in it until they got too cold. Then they moved into the sunroom to play awhile, but before we knew it, the sun had come out, and they were back out, playing in the yard.

I got the vacuuming done, and by that time, Heath had gotten home. We reconvened as a family, and once the kids were in bed, Heath and I worked on the taxes together. Ugh. Not the best choice for a date night, but oh well. It had to be done.

I did some freelance stuff in the evening, and now here I am at almost 1:30, trying to get back into the habit of blogging because I do have something blog-worthy coming up within just a matter of days.