A Productive Start

Monday has been a pretty good day overall. I got lots done this morning and afternoon for work, then after the kids got home, Legolas helped Everest with his homework so I could start on dinner. We had a Thai feast because my mom dropped off a bunch of veggies and noodles from the store so they wouldn’t go to waste while my parents went on vacation for a week.


I made Pad Thai, Yum Neur (Thai beef salad), and garlic rice. Sadly, the garlic rice didn’t turn out so great, but everything else was well received. :) Legolas tried dried mangoes for the first time too and loved them.

The kids actually went to bed really easily. Everest was super tired and fell asleep before 7 PM. It was so nice that that all went so smoothly! Legolas helped me out with the dishes too. She was such a huge help today!

I worked on some freelance stuff this evening, then we watched the original 1980s, Tim Burton Batman because Legolas had never seen it before. So many memories! I forgot how much I liked that reporter guy and how incredibly creepy Jack Nicholson was as the Joker.

Probably Batman Returns will be on the list for watching tomorrow night. That’s one of my faves. No one does Catwoman like Michelle Phieffer.