Flying South. Waaaay south.

Tuesday, I was so exhausted by time I crawled into bed that I couldn’t bring myself to even report the couple of things that happened. So I shall do that now, then share what’s going down tomorrow.

The day was pretty productive work-wise, which is always nice. I was able to stay focused and do the things I had planned to do. When the kids got home, Legolas helped Everest with his homework again, which was SO helpful! I chatted with Julie a bit and looked up some recipes for dinner.

We had just gone grocery shopping before my mom brought over the food from her store, so we found ourselves with an overabundance of zucchini and yellow squash. I decided to try making the French dish made famous by a movie about a rodent, Ratatouille. It is basically a stew with lots of veggies that grow on vines, such as squash, zucchini, and eggplant. I didn’t have any eggplant, so I used bell peppers, carrots, and thinly sliced potatoes in addition to the squashes.

The base is supposed to be a seasoned tomato sauce, but I had some homemade tomato soup that I used instead. Sprinkled some salt, pepper, thyme, and Parmesan on top, and viola!

2014-04-08 17.30.32


I made some chicken and rice to go on the side with it, and I have to say, it was very tasty! If/when we ever get a garden going here, I definitely want to plant yellow squash and zucchini. Those are veggies that we buy a lot to roast as a side. How convenient it would to be to have them growing right in the backyard!

After cleaning up the dishes and kids and getting them all tucked into bed, I found myself utterly spent. It had been a busy day mentally, and we had a good, filling dinner. I decided to take the night off from freelance work since I knew it would be my last really free night for a little while. Legolas and I ended up watching a few episodes of House, M.D. (now on Netflix!) before calling it a night.

Wednesday, today, after I got the kids off to school in the morning, I have done a few things for work, but I technically have the day off to prepare for a 5-day trip to the Dominican Republic with my fellow co-workers at Got Questions and Compassion International.

This will be my first time traveling out of the country. (I had to get a passport and everything!) I admit that I am a little anxious and apprehensive about the whole thing, but I honestly feel that this is where God wants me.

The trip is not about my comfort or relaxation, rather it is about learning more about what God is doing through Compassion in the DR and allowing Him to shape my heart. Certainly, there will be some character growth too, as this is a strange place, and I am traveling with people who I really only know through work (with the exception of Tom and Beth).

So the rest of today is going to be spent mending the skirts that I want to take, packing, prepping the family with muffins to eat for breakfasts, and probably running out the store to get things I have forgotten. Oh yeah, and we have AWANA tonight, which I cannot skip since we skipped last week.

Our first of three flights leaves at 6:00 AM on Thursday, which means that we will have to be there by 5:00, which means that we have to leave my house by 4:30, which means I need to get up by 3:30, which means…well, I guess I’ll go to bed at 9:00 PM. Eek.

I plan to journal throughout the trip, and we should have wi-fi at the hotel. So hopefully I will be able to keep a record and upload pictures and stuff each day. If you pray, please pray for my health during travel and while in a country where the water isn’t safe, and that I will recognize what it is that God wants to teach me. Many thanks!