On Our Way…

So it’s Thursday afternoon, and we have already been on 2 airplanes. We first got to Dallas for a short layover, only long enough for coffee, bagels, and to switch a plane. Yay for having an Einstein’s Bros. Bagels right by our gate!


Then it was on to Miami, FL for meeting up with the rest of our traveling party and a 5 hour layover. When I looked out the window on the way, I actually got startled by seeing only water below us (the Gulf of Mexico). It was strange to me because I have never traveled over a giant body of water before. When we started our descent, I kept an eye out for the land, and silly as it is, it was pretty cool to see that coastline coming up.


The landscape is weird here in Florida. So flat and not a whole lot of trees except where they seemed planted on purpose. But palm trees continue to amaze me. I saw them in California years ago, and they are just strangely beautiful.

We had lunch at TGI Fridays and are now just waiting by the gate and doing some various work or personal-related internet tasks. I’ll probably get back to reading my ebook, The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon, here momentarily, but I figured I had better blog before the evening in case I end up too tired to write by time we get to the DR.